The Sweater Project helps many struggling Afghans to earn a living, including merchants who sell yarn and women who knit the sweaters in their homes. We give these warm sweaters to Afghan children in need.

Read some of their stories:


We buy yarn from local Afghan sellers

I am Zabiullah one of the shopkeepers. in Kabul Mandawy. We and the other shopkeepers have had no business for the past year and in the past several months, I haven’t been able to pay the rent. I come inearly and leave late with less than $2 in income. This is the case all over Afghanistan.

The yarn which you bought from me today earned me more money than I had made in the past 5 months and was a great support to me and my family. I am so thankful to anyone who is supporting the program and thank you all


We pay Afghan women to knit the sweaters

My name is Shazya and I’m from Kapisa province and because of bad security issues, we left our homeland and moved to Kabul. We are 8 family members — 6 children, me and my husband. My children aresmall and they are not able to work out in the market and my husband is addicted to drugs and also not able to work. I am the only person able to work and support my family.

Knitting the sweaters is a great support for me and my family, especially during the very cold winter when there is no work to be found. I am so thankful to all those who are supporting this project — not only supporting the women, but it’s also great help to those children who are living at the internally displaced persons camps in Kabul.


The sweaters are gifted to the most vulnerable Afghan children

My name is Belqis and my father name was Lal Mohammad. We are from Laghman province and had to leave our home because of the security situation in Laghman. I lost my father in the fighting and when we came to Kabul, I lost my mother too because she was sick. My sisters and I are living with my aunt now and we have many problems. I work on the street to earn income to support my sisters. The sweaters which we got through The Sweater Project helped us a lot during the cold winter of Kabul. Thank you so much to the people who are helping us.