Our Mission:

To generate income for Afghan families through yarn sales and knitting of sweaters and to gift the finished sweaters to Afghanistan’s most vulnerable children.

The Sweater Project is a humanitarian initiative continuing in Afghanistan. All monies raised for The Sweater Project, both in the US and internationally, are administered by Zaanha Fund, a not-for-profit registered in the United States. (EIN# 45 252 6950)

Wendy Summer, founder of ZF, set up The Sweater Project in 2015. TSP is staffed entirely by volunteers. It retains $5 from each donation for its operating expenses..

Wendy built close ties with many local Afghans and local not for profit organizations, including Aschiana, a humanitarian NGO based in Afghanistan. Aschiana provides literacy skill and vocational training and one hot meal a day to the poorest Afghan children.

Prior to August 2021, ZF supported diverse educational efforts in Afghanistan, most of which can no longer operate. ZF is now focused on helping Afghans through The Sweater Project.